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Is running a treadmill as effective as running outdoors?

Is running a treadmill as effective as running outdoors
Written by Xraiyan X


Of course, both are the best forms of exercise and are very beneficial for health. If you are concerned about the benefits of both types of running, then there are plenty of them such as strengthening your bones, helping you in losing weight, reducing stress, depression, or anxiety, and enhancing your cardiovascular fitness.

However, we have highlighted some differences and benefits between treadmill running and outdoor running, which will help you in understanding why running a treadmill is as effective as running outdoors.

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Main Difference: Treadmill Vs Running Outdoors

Treadmill Vs Running Outdoors

The main difference between running on a treadmill and running outside is the environment. Treadmills are used for indoor running purposes, which makes it easy to work out at home if the weather is rough. Anyhow, those who are used to running outside might get bored while running inside due to the lack of changes in the ground or setting.

Benefits Of Running On A Treadmill

While running on a treadmill, you can control the ‘minute feature’ of your intervals, speed, and down to incline. This is an adequate option for those recovering from any sort of injuries who are required to work out in a controlled surrounding. Advanced treadmills have features of absorbing some of your footfall impact, which further helps in protecting your joints. Thus, to avail of all these overwhelming benefits, you need to spend a handsome amount of money.

Benefits Of Running Outside

Whereas, running outside makes you able to explore your outside surroundings and natural setting. In terms of psychology, running outside in the open air can have brilliant advantages, especially for those dealing with depression and anxiety. However, running outside can be a bit more challenging as well in terms of several inclines, weather conditions, and terrains that can probably result in any injury when running on wet or bumpy ground. Nevertheless, if you are not planning to spend a single penny on running exercise, then this is the cheapest option for you.

The Bottom line

Overall, neither type of running is wrong, which means one cannot judge them when it comes to exercise, as both of them are helping in overcoming health risks and improving them in their own way. Yes, both of them do have their pros and cons, but the main goal of both kinds of running is to help you get fit and stronger. No matter if, you are training yourself for a race, any other sport activity, or just want to do a cardio and weight loss workout. Honestly speaking, you will achieve your goal by either running on a treadmill or running outside, you just have to dedicate your time and focus.

Therefore, if you are the kind of person who runs for keeping up cardio as a segment of a full-figured fitness routine, then you should go for a treadmill instead of running outside. However, if you are used to running outdoors regularly, then still running on a treadmill can be as effective as outdoor running and can be a great option for some particular situations where outdoor running can be unsafe or even inappropriate like hazardous weather conditions, uneven roads, etc.

We hope that we have answered your concern in a good manner and shared everything to prove the effectiveness of treadmill running. However, still, if you are wondering which option is better for you, then ponder over the details again, do more research on it or ask your trainer.

We wish you good luck in achieving your fitness goals. If you have any other queries in the future, we would be glad to see you back!

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