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Is Treadmill Running Easier Than Outdoor Running

Is Treadmill Running Easier Than Outdoor Running
Written by Xraiyan X

Do you want to perform a cardio exercise but are unsure about which form of running will benefit you? If you said yes to this question, you are on the right page. The debate on running indoors vs outdoors is not a new thing.

Running outside provides you with a chance to train your feet to move on different terrains, you get to breathe in the fresh air, and your stamina also grows. Running inside on a treadmill provides a safe environment to work out, and it helps you get the hang of a speed and specific level of performance.

No matter what, if you work out indoors, nothing can prevent you from hassle-free running. That said, both choices of running come with various pros and cons. Based on your fitness goals, both methods can have a specific place in your routine.

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Treadmill Running Vs Outdoor Running

Treadmill Running Vs Outdoor Running
Both ways of running are good, and there lies a difference between them. Those who are shy and hesitate to socialize can use the treadmill. This way, they can run peacefully on it without any distractions.

On the other hand, changes in weather won’t be an obstacle in their fitness journey. In addition, treadmills have a cushion beneath the belt, which helps to absorb the shock, thus making running more accessible and preventing the joints from injury.

Running outdoors, however, can be more beneficial. You get to navigate different terrain, explore different sights, and breathe in the fresh air. Not to mention the speed you run at on the treadmill; if you keep the same pace outside, you’ll likely burn more calories.

Running indoors vs outdoors can be easier, but running outside can have more benefits. However, both methods have highlights and challenges, so let’s jump into them.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Treadmill Running

Advantages of Treadmill Running
The treadmill is excellent cardio equipment with the following highlights and challenges.


It’s Easy & Safe: With a treadmill, you don’t have to go out, and no going out means no danger. You’re free and safe to work out inside your place without distraction. Furthermore, you get to run on a plain and smooth surface instead of a rough one.

No Weather Restrictions: When you go outside, rain can come or the sun can burn hot like hell, making it difficult for you to run. But when you run on a treadmill, you’re free to work out under any weather condition.

Convenient On The Joints: Running outside on rough terrains can make it hurt your knee and ankle joints, but running on the treadmill won’t let it happen. Treadmills have cushioning beneath the belt, which makes it possible for you to run and helps absorb the shock.

You Can Entertain Yourself: You can entertain yourself by watching shows or enjoying music while running on the treadmill.

You Can Run Anytime: Whether day, night, or any time, you can run on the treadmill. There’s no restriction on time. However, running outside have time restrictions because you can’t go out at night; it can be risky.

You Can Control The Speed: Since the treadmill has unique features, it has options to set the speed according to your choice. You can control the speed and run at your desired pace.


It Can Be Boring: Working out in the same environment on a treadmill can be tedious. You won’t have any exposure outside, and running in the same direction may exhaust you.

You Can Face Injuries: Saying it’s safe to run on a treadmill is not true to some extent. Several studies show people using a treadmill are prone to facing head, knee and foot injuries.

It’s Expensive: Treadmills are heavy on the pocket and may cost you an arm and a leg. On the other, they run on electricity, thus causing you to pay hefty electricity bills.

No Navigation: On a treadmill, you only run in a straight direction and can’t move left or right as you can while running outdoors. This limits your capability to change your pace and movement while navigating in a different direction.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Outdoor Running

Outdoor Running
Outdoor running is a great cardio workout and helps you interact with the environment. However, just like treadmill running, outdoor running also has some goods and bands to ponder on.


It’s Free Of Cost: Does running outside cost you a penny? No, it doesn’t. You don’t have to apply for any gym membership when it’s about running outdoors. Whether it be a park or any sports ground, you’re free to run.

It’s Encouraging: While running outside, you get to meet and see many people working out at their best to achieve their fitness goals. Watching them work hard can motivate you to reach your goals. In addition, you can also partner up with someone, so when you’re down, your partner will be there for encouragement and vice-versa.

You Can Burn More Calories: Did you know running outside at the same speed you run on the treadmill can make you burn more calories? You get to run on a different terrain which exerts pressure on your body and helps you sweat more than indoors; thus, you burn calories quickly.

You Can Navigate On Different Terrains: When running outside, you get the opportunity to move in different directions; while running indoors, you don’t. This builds your stamina and makes you fit.

Inhale Fresh Air: You get to experience the most amazing sights when you go out to run or jog. Running takes you to different places and lets you inhale fresh air. Running is fun, mainly in the morning and in the evening. Not to mention, running outside is more fun when it begins to drizzle.


It’s Risky: While running outside is a joyous experience, it can be hazardous too. You can hit your foot against a rock, or running on a rough surface can affect your joints, making it difficult for you to continue your fitness routine.

You Rely On Weather Conditions: Weather is the main obstacle that can make it hard for you to continue your workout journey. Conditions like rain and hot sunny days make it impossible to go out and run.


A treadmill is an excellent option to maintain your cardio fitness. Many treadmills come with pulse and pace rate monitors that help you run while keeping your heart rate normal. On the other hand, outdoor running can help you train for a racing event.

Furthermore, it’s total up to your choice which method of running you want to adopt. However, if you combine and incorporate both methods into your routine, you will benefit most from each.

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1. Is it better to run outside or on a treadmill?
The treadmill is good cardio equipment. It’s easy to use and somewhat prevents injuries, but it is costly. Running outside helps to reduce stress, lets you enjoy the environment, and you can burn more calories, but it involves chances of injury.

2. Is running on the treadmill the same as running outside?
Running outside can help you burn more calories rather than running indoors. This difference can be due to running on different terrains and directions. However, if you want to burn calories indoors, you can do that by setting your gym gear in an incline mode.

3. What’s the effect of treadmill running on your body parts?
Walking or running on a treadmill helps tone your legs and hips.

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